“In everyone’s life there is always someone ,the one who stood always beside you in every condition you are in whether bad or good, while smiling or crying, nothing matters but the one is always there to shrug your shoulder or to give you one to rest your head when you needed someone else badly.
For some thy are mom or dad, brother or sister, a girl or a guy, a friend or a mentor, sometime your partner too. In my life I had a girl who was just a facebook friend then she became my real life friend then , a best friend, and finally I was fortunate enough to have her as my girl-friend.
Today I have lost her not because she gone away but due to me. I’ve tried everything to forget her not because I wanted but she. She still loves me but because of me she can’t be with me.
Lines below are not unique I guess but common ,I’m sure all had suffered once the same way I m suffering ….
This for you….”
Girl I know its late but I m changed,
Not my love but the wrong in me.
I’m not the same who did let you go,
I’m not the same who made you cry.
I know this is not the time,
But still I’m calling you back.
I know it’s hard to forgive me,
but I know the care and love in you will never lack.
I can’t forget the first moment you were with me,
Resting my head on your lap,
life had enough to break me,
Even after knowing the reason you allowed me to have a nap.
You are the one who helped me out,
To patch me up with my gal again,
But inside you were crying seeing me bout,
Gal you were the one who handled me nicely again and again.
I have thrown you away like trash,
Never cared about you,
Never Loved you back, and bothered about you,
But you always loved me the same after all heart breaking lash.
Baby I know I have lost you,
Lost you completely,
But still my heart knows,
Something is hard to erase  fully.
You are the one who stood beside me,
Even when I was a jerk,
The one who believed in me,
When I was down not much brisk.
How can I forget the care, attention and love for me,
When I was dying sick, everyone left nothing for me.
I know you always had still you do,
And I was an idiot but I have changed too.
Whenever I needed you ,
You were there,
Even if we were in fight,
You never let me go out of your sight.
I never understood your precious love,
Always made you wait,
Never asked you how you feel,
I made a mistake thinking you will wait,
But you made your decision walking alone ahead.
Now I regret.
Sorry my sweetheart for being a flirt,
Sorry for all the mistake I’ve done,
Forgiveness is all I want,
I promise I’ll never let our love go apart.
The day you left me alone in pain,
Stunned, restless, senseless, soulless for days,
I made myself punish thinking you will come to care again,
Baby you proved me wrong, yes you did,
and this time I know I have to wait always.
You still love me that I’m sure,
But why you are dying alone,
Come back, hold my hand, Complete me,
Don’t let it happen, be with me.
I don’t want anyone but you.
I don’t want anything but your love.
I don’t want  to be happy without you.
I don’t want to forget the heart you have that beats in me.
You are the one who understood me well.
You are the one who made me real.
You are the one who stood always for me.
You are the one who used the favorite perfume only for me.
You are the one who changed just for me.
You are the one who can make me smile in every situation.
You are the one who has the power to make me calm.
You are the one who liked my hairstyle even when all didn’t.
You are the one who helped me to complete my dreams.
You are the one who made me feel great.
You are the one who sketched me for the first time in my life.
You are the one who actually knows what I like.
You are the one who started cooking just for me.
You are the one who actually cared for me.
You are the one who came away from family just for me.
You are the one who never bothered about their friends when it comes to me.
You are the one who LOVED me.
You are the one who cried endlessly for my love.
You are the one who waited for such a long.
You are the who was happy being with me.
You are the one whom I want to marry.
You are the one with whom I want to spend my whole life.
Baby its just you. Please come back.  



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