When you were in my class sitting just next bench to me,
The things i’m gonna say i just cant believe me.

I was afraid even to have a talk with you,
I think that was my innocence but i liked you.

Behind the desk or door, even through a window,
Yeah i know i was crazy silent freaky dumbo.

With my voice, with my accent or with my face,
I tried everything to see you while tying my lace.

Attending class was fun for others,
As thy got your company while buying your shares.

For me it was pain watching my company falling,
I don’t know why but i wanted you to call my name smiling.

To make my day i just needed a shine of your face,
Coz’ i knew that heaven was your birthplace.

Eyes so naive,cheeks so white,
Lips r pink,hairs shining on light.

I never wanted you to fall for me,
But i wished once a date just you and me.

Everyday i go i search for you,
I was alone and i just needed you.

Ohh!!! god take this as my confession,
To get that gal was only my ambition.

As the final ball was coming around,
And my heart asked you without a sound.

It was pain when i saw you with the other guy dancing,
And my soul found my heart complaining.

But when i saw her enjoying,
My eyes informed my heart “u may start dying”.

But after a minute when she showed me her smile,
And my heart felt recovering from the state of being exile.

Then i realised love is not the something for myself,
But to see both of them happy smiling and framed on my shelf.


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