The party seems to be the fiery one,
Everyone was there to share unbearable fun.
Suddenly a thought clicked on me,
Ohh! Dear I really gotta pee..

The evening was killing me out,
My god was enjoying the site without any doubt.
With a crying face I asked a girl,
Could you please map me toilet near by,
She got stunned and made me stand by.
“Go downstairs” after few sec she said,
She behaved as if I asked her to get laid.

After getting all hell out of me,
I wrap up to check out some cute and gorgeous one for me.
Heavenly my script writer had something good for me
To survive the evening I went for the cup of tea,
Happily the last cup eloped with other than me,
A voice came over “wait I’ll get you another cup of tea”.

Out of many eyes a drizzling brown pair glued to mine,
“Here you go” she came sprinkling her nature divine,
My smiling face forced her eyes to shine,
Talking this kinda girl I was fortunately fine.

It was the night of the dying December,
Shivering, shaking and having one sweater in number.
She implied her shawl and said “Do you mind if I share it”,
With a cute pink nose and fairy cheeks offering me via bubblegum lips,
Ohh! My ! it’s the nature of a guy simply that I can’t deny it.

While saying my name I proposed her my friendship,
She thought it’s not good to get closer in your first sip.
We’re at the staircase talking, sharing sitting alone,
She got scared when my mobile screamed out a creepy ringtone.

It’s my father calling me home,
It’s already passed eleven and one more hour gone,
Now she knows me well as I was done.
“Believe in serendipity dear the time will come ”

We’ll be meeting again,
We’ll be on the same car lane.
One more party is over with no such gain,
And I’m still crawling to find her name…..


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