Whenever I try to remember my glory naughty days after my birth,
There I always find myself sharing my milk bottle with sister on earth.
That time I didn’t know how to oppose,
But she knew how to fill up to the core.
Time came we started talking, singing ,dancing, eating,
But she got extra gene for crying , hurting and lying.
She breaks something and starts crying,
When asked she showed finger to me and said I was lying.
Whenever I remember the wooden horse ride,
How can I forget my sister sitting behind .
Whenever she finishes her chocolate first in line,
How could I say no to those cute moist eyes asking for mine .
I know that she got always more than me,
but my parents trained us to enjoy the life ,smile and see. 
We used to fight all night,
Now it’s just a cold war site.
She used to protect my privacy when I use the bathroom,
Now she earns by selling what happens in my room.
We used to play hide and seek,
She starts crying if it goes more than a hour,
Now I’m hiding at the open peak,
And she’s spending time watching Disney hour.
We’re now mature enough to have many secretes,
She knows mine and I don’t give her a chance to shine.
I think sharing those things made  us,
Caring, thinking, and responsible for each others sketches.
She’s younger but mature,
I’ve the problem she’s having the cure,
No ego but with an attitude,
Pretty , beautiful and cute,
I don’t even mind to give her the last parachute.
I like the way she laugh,
Whenever she exhibits my snaps in the buff.
I like the way she rebuke,
Whenever I use her dupatta to rub the puke,
I like the way she says ”Ohh! you are so nasty”,
Whenever I use slang in her friend’s party,
I like the way she offers me chocolate,
And when I say “NO” she says ”have it it’s not late ”,
I like the way she says ”Damn sure”,
And I believe it knowing that she was lying so pure.
Every eve I used to pick her from tution,
She asks for chocolate everytime with no other solution.
I buy her a chocolate one or two,
It depends on money I hav coz she has the clue.
Ohh!! God I’m in ur debt for giving me this precious perl in life of dew……



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