How can I forget those late night talks?
Teacher scolded me for not getting the passing marks,
How can I forget the way you made me laugh using those tricks?
I know I was bad but I laughed at those craps and shits.;-)
We’re so happy talking and teasing each other,
So open , frank and bold as nothing bother,
We shared that kinda secrets wasn’t possible with mother,
Can’t believe that you’re gone, when you chose the opposite corner.
Why? Why should I open my laptop for,
As I know you are online no more,
Yeah I’m asking why? To have the pain,
As it is not so cool to walk in the rain.
That was usual talking with you,
But became habitual what more can I do,
Now I don’t wanna lose you,
The guy you r dating was my friend too.
It hurts me watching you with my friend,
When he forced his hand into your pockets end,
It hurts me when he wanted to kiss you under the shed,
But it healed me a lot when you said no to that biped. (An animal)
Every night I search for your similar face,
Even my imagination can’t catch a single dace (a fish),
You’re the one, who has been created by the god grace,
I wish god press once my life’s backspace.
I didn’t know why it got happened again,
I dint know why my brain abstain,
But my heart was with me with no complain,
And I felt just like falling in love again.
For you, what I did was apish,
For me it was just to have an angel fish.Noww I think I did a titanic bish,
Asking your no. was just not a mission to be accomplish.
I just wanna talk again with an angel wearing green nail-polish.!!!



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