Missing you like hell.

Even sitting in a locked room not helping my heart,
My heart to stop thinking about you.

Seriously I am losing hope for sure, 
Losing hope of getting  my angel back,
Losing hope of getting  heaven again.
Mind tried every possible thing, 
To force my heart and soul to make you off of me.

But silly mind forgot the fact,
The fact that it cant even touch those two things,
The things which actually belongs to you.

Now the only reason I smile,
Is coz of stupid silly memories of ours,
Dates that we shared together. 

Now I really don’t want you back,
Yeah! you heard me I don’t want you back,
Coz I can feel you everywhere, 
Even I can sense your fragrance, 
I can feel even when I am alone or in crowd.

I really don’t need you in person but your love.
May my love loses its temper,
May it loses all its control over my heart,
And shake God’s heaven.

Then only you will understand,
And may feel,
my love 
emptiness of my life. 

Missing you like hell :'(
Missing you my duffer,
Missing you so bad.


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