(As we all know that girls are more emotional than guys. But guys are more expressive than girls.:) Thats why many girls likes to diary their feelings and unsaid things. i think because of their lack of memory 🙂 ha ha just kidding .     When a girl is alone in every aspects her diary becomes her best friend. Through this i just want to make you all understand that why girls need best friends and friends not like always boy-friends. Here i showed one more thing that a best partner can only be the best friend of yours. hope my attempt may convince you…..^_^)


   “Life teaches us at every step..”
-The moment you start trusting someone blindly..That person breaks you!
-When you expect your silence to be understood.. people take your words wrong!
-When you want your special friend to hug you.. he hurts you even more!
-When you feel like cherishing the moments.. People don’t have time anymore for you..
-They promise you to be there for you all your life.. but when you show your true side in the pain they say its attitude!
-Gestures aren’t important even though shown heartily..but fake words are appreciated!
-& wen u learn from all the hardships you went through and decide to accept them.. people say you have changed!
*This is how life goes on.. Strange but true 🙂
Here it goes -it’s a story by a girl with a guy…. The difference is they never wanted to experiment love. But unfortunately divinely it happened……   !!!!
As the girl wrote in her diary :
Many times we decided to meet but we didn’t …. At last we met one day .
I couldn’t forget the first meet, we both came in violet dress J we both came wearing same colors so I asked him chocolate and that idiot gave me half coz half of it he  already had  while waiting for me. 😉 I didn’t felt that I m meeting him for the first time. I was very frank and comfortable with him don’t know why but I felt really good….. and that’s our first meet.!
And our second meet …. God I cant forget that !!! it was raining and I was at my  college function and he came just to meet me down. Damn whole college of mine literally saw us both and he was getting late too. That day I felt really good that he’s  my friend.
Third meet …..Golden beach J  it was little funny.  We enjoyed a lot while experiencing quite awesome  rides. And here comes the funny part when my mom informed about a strike on roads ooh damn he lost his fuse as we were  getting late for home. I handled him instead of him. 🙂  and the biggest thing of that day is I cooked for the first time. I cooked “KHEER” for him . don’t know why  I felt to cook but I did just see him happy . we had my experiment while sitting at the beach “quite romantic”.
Fourth meet….  That day I was feeling so alone from the beginning of the day. Then he called up and he suddenly figured it out that I m sad. So he asked me to join his bunch  of friends for a beach visit. I enjoyed a lot and sadness melted into the smiles and giggles with them all. First time time I saw his care for me. 🙂
After that meeting is just a piece of cake.  Slowly –slowly with the flow of wind we became closer. I was an antisocial girl, but after meeting him and knowing him I learnt to express and throw my words as I m doing it now.
…………I never wanted to lose him even I cant tell him how special he is to me and still he is…………
He said many things to me but I took all in joke because I was afraid . but when he said that all somewhere I too felt . I tried to control myself not to fall but its just the thing no one can resist. And when it comes to him its impossible.
……..After reaching home everyday from college my first act is to check my mobile for your messages and wish him morning and nights everyday…….
…… the truth is even I want to be in a relationship with him  but I m afraid to lose him ….
……… he said me in a funny way  “dear just say yes and I will take you to the moon in the noon when he’ll be  out of duty ” 🙂…….
I cant explain more as I’m not good as him when it comes to writing nice things…  L
…….. today he left for his hometown and while seeing him off I wanted to cry but his smiling face made me to stop my tears. I felt like hugging him…. Then after sometime stupid messaged me that even he wanted to hug me once… ahhh and that time I cried…..
…..even he is at his hometown he messages me…..i missed him a lot.
“Sometimes missing gives sweet feeling than remembering, coz we can remember many. But, we miss only the one we never want to lose!”
….today he came and we decided to meet the next day…
…. “How can anyone be just friends with someone when every time you see them and you want them even more” ………..
……. We both are very much similar at many thoughts and views , but somewhere totally opposite…..
……”Love is not finding someone to live with, it’s finding someone you can’t live without “
……and I found him in that place….
…….“Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to be with  that someone, but still I wanted to be with him even after knowing that he has a girl”……
…. He don’t know how much I love him….. damn now I felt love <3
                                      “I aM IN LOVE…….”
I am in love and it’s because someone ‘s  thoughts are keeping my mind busy ,
I m in love and it’s  because someone somewhere cares for me no end.
I am in love and it’s because I sense a joy in living for someone special
I am in love with that someone for whom I m writing this,
I am in love and its because wonderful moments are being created every moment.
…..i miss him when something really good happens coz I wanted to share with him only,
I miss him when something is troubling me,
I miss him when I laugh and cry,
He’s the one who can make my laughter grow and my tears disappears ,
But I miss him the most when I ‘m awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other, those were the best moments  of my life…..
……yesterday night I slept while texting him so I after  morning i simply scolded myself for the reason I fell asleep……
.13th feb’11 …. He kissed me on my right cheek that too at bus stop…. That was simply sweet and cute….
14th feb’11.. that idiot didn’t said me anything :@ ……..
……. I love him coz he is the one I could trust. When he holds my hand I simply don’t let it go. I wanted it to last forever….
…… we used to argue on stupid things . I like to see his cute red face when he gets irritated and mad….
…….Ya am always with him even  after these all fights cant he understand that i cant leave him. He is really  an  idiot ;-)…..
….. I loved him so much and strong and now I think nothing will go wrong….
…… “missing him isn’t the hardest part knowing that I once had him” ……
………I might not get to see him as often as I’d like, I may not get to hold him in my arms but deep in my heart I know it’s true. No matter what happens I will always love him…..
……  I love the way he looks at me . His eyes so bright and brown i love the way he kisses me :-* i love the way he make me happy the way he say i love you bitch 🙂 and the way he says “I’m always there for you” i love the way he touches me always try to make my hot body chill.. Am glad tat he is mine .ahh !!! is he mine?:-( only mine ?……..
…… Hmm I’m not so special but he makes me too special ,I’m not so beautiful but he makes me feel like a princess and now there are many reason to like myself.I like my hands when he holds it .i like my name when he use to call me. i like my eyes when he  sees it .i like myself when he hugs  and kisses me and between us love is loved more when he loves me and i live my life only when he  lives in me. Sometimes life plays game to separate us but it doesn’t know that we are more bonded and will never get separated  and after every fight our relation becomes more and more stronger than before. Thanx to SHIVA ALLAH AND JESUS for gifting me an idiot. Love him to my hearts  core :-* and i know he  does  the same .. We are not friends nor lovers but our relation is more than any relation in the world after parents 🙂 love you to my only prince. shower of kisses to you hope our relation will last for ever……..
……….All i ever wanted to be part of his heart and for up to be together, To never  be apart. No one in the  world can even compare, he is  perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than i ever thought  we would, i love him so much more than i ever thought i could. I promise to give him  all i have to give. I’ll do anything for him as long as i live. I hope that someday he’ll come to realize how much i love him…;-(:-(………..
……. He’s  very special to me . his touch  doesn’t seems like others i feel he touched my soul. His kisses i too got addicted to it and his hugs just tells me that am very safe with him and he’s only mine . love you :-*
 “Everyone says love hurts, but that isn’t true… loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts. But in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pains and make someone full wonderful again… love is the only thing in this whole world that doesn’t hurt”
“ we can’t beg someone to stay if they want to leave, and be with someone else. We have to admit that love doesn’t give us any license to own a person. This is what love means….. 



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