Many guys out there wish to be with creamy girls the most,
Aren’t aware of creamy girls have the sun fear to get roast.
Creams takes few and gets faded,
And brown gets darker when more is added.

My steps were wandering while entering the school,
Many troops of girls walking so cool.
I got distracted by a pretty brown tool,
And that’s my chocoholic girl of life made me drool.

She’s 5.8”,wearing white top and blue jeans damn so tight,
Walking slowly and saying no to the sun light.
Half framed specs on eyes and open hair reflecting the sun shine,
I’ll just wait for the day until she’s by my side.

I was searching her next day as a winner of a lottery,
Really need to know her more to complete my poetry.
Now I’ve the reason to adore chocolate more,
Now I’ve the reason to attend the class even it may bore.

Second day she was late dried out her body forgetting her head,
Countless dew drops fell down the hair tips enough to make me dead.
I didn’t answer any question asked while i was busy under that cool shed,
Now I wish u sleeping beside me on my bed.

I wish you my friend for forever,
I wish you share everything you have with me and leave me never.
I wish you allow me to put my hand into your pockets,
I wish you say no to movie when I don’t have enough to buy tickets.
I wish kissing your candy lips,
I wish dancing with my hands on your hips.
I wish you saying the same words in your sentence,
Ohh! My chocoholic girl I wish you feel me, miss me more in my absence.

Now it’s time to face the truth,
It’s the third day and I found her account on orkut.
The status was enough but the messages made me shook,
My heart asked god is there any other chocoholic girl to finish my book ……


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