“Unacceptable Innocence

(Pencil Color Sketch)


When I first tried to use pencil color on this sketch I made my mind to throw it away seeing the results. I was so disappointed with my efforts with pencil colors. For this who doesn’t know me much  I ‘m really bad at pencil color sketches. I don’t know what happened but after throwing water on the top portion of it i thought of experimenting on this with my Faber-Castell colors. 
As you can see above the steps after the first one…. even i couldn’t believe my eyes how could be a trash can look so fantastic at last  🙂
Well i m happy for this sketch. I am happy that i didn’t throw this classic piece .Being an Artist I have learnt and wants to convey the same msg to all the budding artists :

“Even though we do mistakes but still we do it in a creative way . No matter what we are sure people gonna love it.  “


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