If I ask “How many of you love being loved but never want to be in love ?” 😉

Strange question right.
Hello there meet us “Artists“.

I love being loved but never wanna be in love. 
If you ever noticed , most of the artists are single, broke-dead or high on creativity basically alone .
Are they psychopaths? Are they weirdos?
In many cases YES :* . In my defense artists are obsessed with art and beauty. If you are gorgeous to his eyes then be ready to tolerate his high end love.

Yeah they are introvert I guess that’s why they are Artist who uses their art to express.

Well I never wanted to be an artist. But later I got to know. I have a skill to make copies. I can copy things. So I started copying handwritings , styles, creativity etc.
Guess what it worked. I started loving it. By then onward I loved being called Mr Artist.

Basically An artist draws whenever he is free, sad, happy, before suicide, after murder, Crushed, angels, tooth fairies lol 😛

There was a time when i used to sketch whenever i get crush over someone. Then I realised thats half of million girls i have crush on. :'(  So i changed the pattern. If a crush lasts for 6 months i sketch her.

Strange thing when a sketch is done I get over the feelings. Stupid Heart.

When an artist stops himself from completing a sketch.
Its not he can’t or not possible.
Yes he obviously can finish it. But by the time he reaches the final part of sketch , He is in love with the person.

So here it is….one and only  “The incomplete Sketch”

Lets this crush last few longer.




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